Going Green Menus

Good Nutrition and Learning go Hand in Hand.

 The School Town of Munster Food and Nutrition Services Department believes the "Recipe" for students to perform better in their classrooms is to provide them with the nutrition necessary for healthy growth of their minds and bodies.


"We invite all students to dine with us daily.  We offer delicious and nutritious meals that provide "fuel for learning" that students need to make the most of their school experience.  Meals offered daily meet or exceed the federal, state
and local dietary guidelines set by the USDA."

 *All Current School Menus for ALL Schools are now available under the Menus Tab at the bottom of this page. 

2016-2017 Meal Prices

Breakfast Prices
Elementary:                             $1.00
Wilbur Wright:                         $1.20
Munster High School:             $1.30
Reduced Price All Schools:   $0.15

Lunch Prices
Elementary Schools will be    $2.25
Reduced Price $.40

Wilbur Wright Middle:             $2.45
Reduced Price $.40

Munster High School:             $2.55
Reduced Price $.40

New USDA Meal Pattern requires each student to have a 1/2 cup fruit and/or veg. with their lunch.


The United States Congress created the school lunch program in 1946 to safeguard the health and well being of our nation's children. School Town of Munster lunches meet or exceed the dietary guidelines set by USDA.All schools are now on a 2 week cycle menu. Menus are subject to change without notice especially for Fun Events & Holidays

MEAL BALANCES: The Food Service Department limits lunch charges at the elementary schools. The Wilbur Wright Middle School and the Mustang Cafe Food Court have a no charge policy (students must have money on their account or pay with cash).  An Alternative Lunch will be served to students who are over the charge limit at the elementary schools according to Lunch Room Rules. The Department offers an alternative choice to sending cash by offering online lunch payments at www.MySchoolBucks.comDeposits may take up to 24 hrs. to reach student's account. Parent may also view lunch account balances at their student's on-line Power School record (please note:Power School balances are one day behind -- allow for nightly data updates). It is a parent's and student's responsibility to stay current on lunch charges.








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