Pre-Payment Options

  Online Payment System  

Easy and Convenient 

This system also allows a parent to monitor what your student is purchasing.  No purchase is necessary for this service.                                                                                              



To Enroll:

  • Go to and register account.                    
  • Activate your account and add students.  You will need your student's ID number.
  • Provide your credit or debit card information.
  • A small convenience fee is charged per transaction.


Please take advantage of the options to prepay your student's meal accounts. Prepaid meal accounts help the lunch lines go faster and gives students more time to eat, relax, and play. It also gives you the peace of mind of not having to worry about looking for lunch money every day or worry that it might get lost, stolen or used for other things other than lunch.  Payments made to MySchoolBucks may take up to 24 hrs to reach the students account.  On Line payment connection and information may be found at 


We also accept Checks                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We record all check deposits by check number for easy tracking.

Elementary Level:
Please place it in an envelope marked clearly with your student's name, "Lunch Money", their teacher's name, the $ amount. Turn in prepaid deposits to the cafeteria cashier(s),  school office or homeroom teacher.

WWMS & MHS Food Court:                                                                                                                                                                               Students deposit checks or cash directly with cashier at the lunch line.

It is best for your elementary students to make Cash Deposits Personally with the Cafeteria Supervisor for best accountability.

We recommend sending Checks instead of Cash for more accurate accountability at all grade levels.